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Connecting the Spanish Congress of Deputies with science and technology

Oficina C is a service of the Congress of Deputies in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

We gather existing scientific and technological evidence on topics of the Congress´ interest and organise activities to foster dialogue between the scientific community, Deputies, and society. We want to contribute to the strengthening of scientific and technological evidence assessment as a fundamental - but not the only  - aspect of parliamentary work.

The photograph shows, in intense blue and fluorescent, the vessels that are responsible for transporting water in plants and which, in the following branching, are diverted towards the leaves. The rest of the vessels that can be seen, also in blue but with no fluorescence, continue their upward path to provide the water and nutritional to the higher areas of the plant.
"Vascular stars". Edition: FOTCIENCIA8. Author: José Manuel Torres Ruiz.



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