Workshop with the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology


Oficina C conducts a workshop at the National Congress of the Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET).

icono calendario 16/10/2023
icono ubicaciónAlmeria

Oficina C conducted a workshop during the National Congress of the Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET), which took place from the 16th to the 20th of October at the University of Almería (UAL), under the theme 'Ecology in a humanised biosphere.'

Focussing on humanity's transformative impact on the planet, the event addressed complex interactions and discussed tools to restore degraded biodiversity. It also sought to foster transdisciplinary participation to raise awareness about the value of nature for human survival and well-being.

During the annual event, Oficina C led a workshop to raise awareness of the importance of scientific and technological evidence in the formulation of public policies. During the session, participants became familiar with the work of Oficina C and were given an overview of science for policy, particularly as it relates to legislation. They conducted a hands-on exercise in creating evidence-based reports through working groups, emphasising the ability to convey ideas clearly to a non-specialized audience.

Furthermore, Izaskun Lacunza, the coordinator of Oficina C, gave a presentation to the full audience on the office and the current subjects of the new Reports C.

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