Conference 'Science for Public Policy in Europe' by the European Commission

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Oficina C participates in building a stronger ecosystem to integrate science and knowledge into public policies at the Conference 'Science for Public Policy in Europe'.

icono calendario 10-11/10/2023
icono ubicaciónBruselas

The European Commission organized the Conference 'Science for Public Policy in Europe', which took place on October 10th and 11th in Brussels.

The event addressed the challenges of a world marked by uncertainty, shifting values, and pressing decisions. It included important issues such as evidence-based policies, strengthening science institutions for policy, and the development of effective competencies in this field.

Ana Elorza, FECYT Coordinator for Oficina C, participated in a panel discussion on integrating scientific knowledge into the legislative process. She emphasised the significance of presenting holistic evidence that spans multiple fields and perspectives to institutionalise collective intelligence in the Spanish parliament.

The conference brought together diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, scientific advisors, and academics, to discuss strengthening science governance for European policies.