Annual Conference of the EPTA Network 2023

Logo Conferencia Anual de la Red EPTA 2023

We took part in the EPTA Network Annual Conference, which explored the potential benefits and risks of large-scale generative artificial intelligence on democracies and civil society.

icono calendario 9/10/2023
icono ubicaciónBarcelona

The event was held on October 9th in the Parliament of Catalonia, presided over by the EPTA network of the Catalan Advisory Council (CAPCIT).

The conference focused on three main aspects:

  1. Generative Artificial Intelligence and Democracy: The significance of generative artificial intelligence in democracy was examined, including concerns about misinformation and the ability of technological companies to shape public narratives.
  2. Integration Policies in Specific Sectors: The impact of generative artificial intelligence in fields like health and education was examined. Its potential to improve medical diagnosis and learning methods was emphasised, while ethical and data security concerns were also raised.
  3. Generative Artificial Intelligence and Work: The labour implications of generative artificial intelligence were examined, including discussions on unemployment, job creation, and the changing nature of work.

The conference allowed lawmakers, professionals, and stakeholders to critically discuss these topics.