2023 Annual Meeting of EPTA Network Practitioners and Communicators

Evento EPTA Lisboa

We attend a training seminar in Lisbon with the EPTA network's various scientific advisory offices.

icono calendario 23/10/2023

Evidence and communication officers from the network's members attended the event, which was held in Lisbon from October 23rd to 26th.

The conference provided an opportunity to reconsider the concept of technical assessment and explore a professional career in the sphere of scientific advice.

Oficina C, in particular, had an important role in co-creating the agenda with the organisers, the Portuguese Technological Assessment Observatory (OAT, CICS.NOVA). Additionally, it led two sessions at the event. These sessions featured a reflection on the implementatio of technology evaluation, as well as a discussion about potential careers in the ecosystem of scientific advice to the legislative branch. Oficina C also presented its office project at the Portuguese Parliament.